STM-2XM Two-Channel Thickness/Mass/Rate Monitor

Two-Channel Thickness/Mass/Rate Monitor


  • Temporal averaging for superior accuracy even at very low rates
  • Independent mode to function as two completely separate monitors
  • Shutter delay for precise control of film quality
  • Rate sampling capable, greatly extends crystal life for thicker films
  • Advanced alloy mode includes linked shutter delay capability
  • Rate, thickness, and rate deviation graphs
  • Displays units in mass or thickness
  • 8 programmable digital inputs, 8 programmable digital outputs, and 4 analog outputs


  • Thickness Resolution
    - 0.0133Å per measurement (no averaging)
    - 0.002Å per measurement (50 sample average)
  • Rate Resolution
    - 0.133Å per second (no averaging)
    - 0.02Å per second (50 sample average)
  • High Accuracy
    - 0.03 Hz / meas., 2 ppm relative
  • High Speed
    - Ten measurements per second


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