Pirani Gauges

Pirani Gauges

Inficon PSG5XX Pirani Standard Gauges

  • 5 x 10-4 mbar … atmosphere
  • Push button ATM and HV adjustment
  • Mounts in any orientation
  • 250 °C bakeable version
  • Nickel filament option for corrosive applications
  • Ceramic feedthrough for extremely corrosive applications (PSG510 & PSG512)
  • Optional setpoints

Inficon PCG55x Pirani Capacitance Manometer Gauges

  • 5 x 10-4 mbar to atmosphere
  • Gas type independent above 10 mbar – allows safe venting with any gas mixture
  • High accuracy and reproducibility at atmosphere – for reliable, fast atmospheric pressure detection
  • Available with Tungsten (PCG550) or Nickel (PCG552) filament or with a fully ceramic coated (PCG554) sensor unit for highly corrosive applications
  • Optional atmospheric switch, display and digital interfaces

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Standard Gauges
PSG050/PSG051 | Download
PSG100-S/PSG101-S | Download
PSG500-S/PSG502-S/PSG510-S/PSG512-S | Download

Capacitance Diaphragm Gauges
PCG400/PCG410 | Download
PCG550/PCG552/PCG554 | Download

Vacuum Control Catalogue | Download

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