Canada Analytical now distributes Nor-Cal Vacuum Products

  • Fittings, Flanges, Hoses, adapters (NW, ISO, ASA, CF)
  • Traps (foreline, metal sieve, molecular sieve, particulate, water-cooled, liquid nitrogen, oil mist eliminators)
  • Heater Jackets, gas line heaters, valve heaters
  • Downstream Pressure Control Valves (throttling butterfly, pendulum, throttling soft shut)
  • Adaptive Pressure Controllers with high positional resolution and fast response with no over- or under – shoot or ringing during process step transitions
  • Isolation Valves (poppet, ball, butterfly, pendulum, gate, bakeable all metal)
  • Stainless Steel Chambers, weldments & assemblies
  • Viewports, shutters, glass adapters, sample transfer and manipulation
  • Feed-Throughs, rotary and linear motion, liquid and electrical

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