Canada Analytical & Process Technologies, CAPT, has a long history in the Canadian vacuum and flow measurement industry with its principals having originated from the beginnings of MKS Instruments Canada (MKS Canada) Ltd in 1987.  They continued to carry on the management and sales of MKS Instruments (MKS Canada) products in Canada for over 20 years.

Bill Shurben, M.Sc., Sales Manager, has extensive experience in pressure/vacuum control and measurement with MKS Instruments, Horiba Semiconductor and INFICON including: capacitance manometer technology (both ceramic and metal diaphragm gauges); analog and digital (including multi-gas, multi-range) mass flow control; gas analysis (RGA, microGC, FT-IR, PTR-MS); leak detection; thin film processing and lithography.



Horiba Semiconductor
The recognized leader in mass flow control technology, introduced the world’s first digital mass flow controller (mfc) and more recently, pressure insensitive mass flow controllers (mfc). Innovations such as Piezo valve control enable greater precision for extreme low flow control < 1 sccm; Multi-gas, Multi-range provide maximum flexibility with over 400 gas selections; and smart tuning for Fast Response ~ 500 msec to any set-point. High temperature mfc’s operate up to 120C; liquid and vapour mfc’s provide better control than bubblers and automatic pressure regulation for upstream and downstream pressure control. Gas analyzers include Fourier-Transform Infrared Spectroscopy (FT-IR), Micro-pole residual gas analysis (RGA), and Non-Dispersive IR (NDIR). Chemical concentration analyzers such as dissolved oxygen monitors are also available.


High performance ultra compact mass flow controllers / meters for Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM). Real Gas Calibrations for best possible accuracy, 1% Reading; Fast response < 4 msec meter; < 150 msec control; High Resolution, 1:2500 turn-down ratio.

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INFICON ceramic capacitance manometers (CDG) outperform all metal-diaphragm capacitance manometers in temperature and mechanical stability, zero drift, accuracy, repeatability, and corrosion resistance. Innovating beyond conventional technology, INFICON ceramic capacitance diaphragm gauges use an ultrapure aluminum oxide ceramic diaphragm, replacing traditional metal diaphragms, for vacuum measurements of superior accuracy and repeatability.Inficon is the market leader for thin film controllers, residual gas analyzers and leak detection.


PicoSun Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD) Tools
Ensure 100 % uniform, conformal, defect-,crack- and pinhole-free thin film coating for MEMS/NEMS (micro/nanoelectromechanical systems), sensors, optics, catalyst manufacturing, corrosion protection, decorative, antitarnishing, water purification, solar photovoltaics, energy storage & production, and particle coating.



IONICON Analytik 
The world’s leading producer of trace gas analysis solutions using PTR-MS and similar direct mass spectrometry technologies based on Proton Transfer Reaction Mass Spectrometry technology. IONICON offers a range of PTR-QMS and PTR-TOFMS products and accessories.


Real-Time Analyzers 
Rapid positive identification of solid and liquid materials “in the field” using Raman with 1064 nm laser excitation to avoid fluorescence interference.


European Spectrometry Systems
Fully field portable mass spectrometer systems for quantitative analysis of up to 64 gas species in real time. Detection limits to ppb levels. “Aquaprobe” for direct monitoring of VOC’s in liquid. Ambient air monitoring, water/waste water monitoring, stack and duct monitoring.


EMD Chemicals 
Chemicals for PVD thin film coatings.The Patinal® products comprises of more than 40 evaporation materials including flourides, oxides, sulfides, and metals as well as special mixtures and substances available as granules, tablets, or disks.